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years since Intelligence Theory proposed(March 4,1992)




"For NASA, space is still a high priority." - Dan Quayle
"Keep it simple, stupid. KISS." Engineers
Intelligence Theory

I first proposed an intelligence theory and presented it at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in late 1992. An ISITA 1992 conference paper held in Singapore was later presented titled "Quantitative Measure of Intelligence".

Understanding an abstract entity is important in order for us to control and manipulate it. It happened to force using Newton's F=MA method of quantifying a scientific definition of force. We all know that this led to the foundation of Mechanical and Civil engineering as we know them today. It allowed us to build tall buildings, structures and send objects to outer space more predictable. Of course even before Newton's laws were introduced, humans are capable of building beautiful structures.

Another example was the introduction of Information theory by Shannon. His theory gave a method to quantify information scientifically. It enabled communication engineers to design and develop information processing machines of which computers are one of them and led to the information revolution.

Naturally, a method to quantify intelligence is the first step towards the Intelligence age. Arguments are bound to happen just as what had happened to Newton and Shannon and most of them are valid. What was mistaken was the purpose of the introduction of these theories.

If the theories are grossly faulty, they are therefore useless. Intelligence theory proposed is far from faulty and so far nobody had pointed to its flaws convincingly. It is actually difficult to find flaws in Newton and Shannon theories because they are just definitions which can be used to identify abstract objects. Similarly to my intelligence theory which is just a "definition".

Surprisingly it is so easy and yet nobody had presented it earlier but many have used these definitions in their work with intelligence. Similarly for force and information prior to a more rigorous scientific definitions. There is an original text in Wordperfect 5.1 published in ISITA conference paper but I intend to do revisions and present it in my homepage here.

(isita.html is the actual conference paper, intell_s.html is a set of seminar slides intell.html was the abstract submitted.)

The theory came about because of my background as a telecommunication engineer with a computer engineering knowledge. An example of how this theory can be applied is published in the parallelogram journal.

(bit.html is my draft to be converted to text format and submitted to Damon, its editor, parallel.html is an accompanying box which is used to explain parallelism granularism and their characteristics.)

Apart from this intelligence I am also interested in compilers, system components of operating systems, computer architecture and VLSI design and fabrication. This homepage will be dedicated to organising and archiving my work in these areas.

Anyone who is interested to involve in discussions on this work is most welcomed. For a historical insight that led me to propose this theory please refer to history.htm.

Compressed files in original Wordperfect 5.1 files.
Converted MS Word 6.0 for DOS programs:
isita.doc intell.doc intell_s.doc bit.doc parallel.doc