Panoramic Pictures of Sabah

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Anjung Samudera Food Centre during the day : A high class food court at the waterfront.

Anjung Senja Food Centre during the day: A medium class food court. Closed during the day.

Anjung Senja Food Centre At Night: A medium class food court when it is open.

Kg. Air Roundabout: A busy roundabout at the centre of the city.

Roundabout near the District Mosque: A busy roundabout around 3 km from the city.

Centrepoint Kota Kinabalu: The biggest shopping mall in Sabah and very popular.

Centrepoint Kota Kinabalu Ground Floor: Just before 11 am when shops are still not fully open.

F2000 Power boat race in front of Promenade Hotel: An international event exploiting the waterfront at Kota Kinabalu.

F2000 Power Boat race viewed from SAFMA: Viewed from a Jetty at Sabah Fishery Marketing Agency(SAFMA).

F2000 viewed from Anjung Senja: Viewed from Anjung Senja.

A Canteen: A canteen which is typical in Sabah.

A jetty in front of Le Meridian Hotel: A jetty next to the Handicraft Market.

Low Cost Terminal at Kota Kinabalu: The terminal for low cost airlines such as Air Asia.

Padang Merdeka at the City Centre: A famous field at the centre of Kota Kinabalu where major processions and celebrations used to be held. Nowadays the celebrations tend to be held in front of Promenade Hotel.

Karamunsing Shopping Complex: Another shopping centre at Kota Kinabalu.

Kota Kinabalu Waterfront at night: Anjung Samudera, high class food court at night.

Sabah Medical Centre: The best medical facility in Sabah.

Tanjung Aru Beach: The nearest and best beach in Sabah in terms of facilities.

Tanjung Aru First Beach: The most developed part of Tanjung Aru Beach.

Tanjung Aru Beach's Food Centre

Tanjung Aru Plaza Shopping Centre: A shopping centre the beach.

Stella Maris Primary School: A missionary school but with support from the government. It is called a government school.

Pizza Hut Centre Point KK: Demonstrates the application of cropping of individual photo using Hugin.

Tanjung Aru TM Service Centre

Taman Jumbo Shop lots: A shopping street serving Taman Jumbo housing estate.


Kundasang Perkasa Hotel: The best hotel in town at a hill top giving good views. It also has hanging bridges and children's playground.


Sandakan Harbour Esplanade: The best waterfront in the world for its calm sea because it is inside Sandakan bay that is not too large and have islands inside it, and in front of it. At night you can see fluorescent light from planktons.

Sandakan Waterfront at Night

Sandakan Yacht Club: The only Yacht Club and marina in town.

Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty: The view from SYC jetty.

Sandakan Post Office: The view from a jetty near Sandakan Post Office.

Grandview Hill Top Housing Estate: A hill top housing estate giving a good view of the ocean in front of Sandakan bay.

Sandakan Market view 1

Sandakan Market view 2: Jetty.

Sandakan Market View 3: Sandakan market alternative view.

Marriage Ceremony of a Sabahan Suluk: This is actually typical of all Muslims' marriage ceremony at night which is highly westernised. The bridegroom is from Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Sandy Plain beach of Sandakan. : The only beach in Sandakan town but not well maintained. They prefer to blame rubbish throwers and yet made no effort to clean the beach.

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