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Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad

Email:; Post mail: P.O.Box 512, Tanjung Aru,Kota Kinabalu 88858, Sabah, Malaysia

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years since Intelligence Theory proposed(March 4,1992)




"We are leaders of the world of the space program. We have been the leaders of the world of our... of the space program and we're not going to continue where we're going to go, not withstanding the Soviet Union's demise and collapse - the former Soviet Union - we now have independent republics which used to be called the Soviet Union. Space is the next frontier to be explored. And we're going to explore. Think of all the things we rely upon in space today: communications from... Japan, detection of potential ballistic missle attacks. Ballistic missiles are still here. Other nations do have ballistic missles. How do you think we were able to detect some of the Scud missles and things like that? Space, reconnaissance, weather, communications - you name it. We use space a lot today." - Dan Quayle
"Keep it simple, stupid. KISS." Engineers

Intelligence Theory

A theory based on intelligence theory to measure the intelligence of beings scientifically.

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Panoramic Pictures of Sabah

A tour of beautiful places of Sabah in 360x180 degree panoramas. You can view front, back, up, down, left and right, and zoom.

Mahathir Confesses Anwar's Innocence